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Avatar: Reckoning

A mobile Avatar MMORPG is coming in 2022

It'll be called Avatar: Reckoning and will be developed by Archosaur Games.

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It has been revealed that Avatar: Frontier of Pandora isn't the only Avatar game that is planned to launch in 2022. That's right, the announcement of another game set in James Cameron's sci-fi universe was made yesterday, with the game set to be a mobile MMO shooter called Avatar: Reckoning.

Coming from developer Archosaur Games and produced by Tencent, Lightstorm Entertainment, and Disney, we're told in the brief amount of information provided so far that the game will be coming to iOS and Android sometime this year.

As for how it will work, IGN has reported that players will be able to create their own Avatar to explore Pandora, battle humans, meet other Na'vi clans, and come into contact with a range of other creatures native to the planet. It's also mentioned that the gameplay will involve solo and multiplayer, and that there will be single player story missions, as well as co-op missions and PvP action, all using the mobile platform's touch screen controls.

There's currently no trailer to watch or much else to go on, in fact all we have to infer what the game will be like is the piece of concept art below, which was shared alongside the announcement. You can however, sign up on the game's website for a chance to join the beta whenever that takes place.

Avatar: Reckoning

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