A massive update was planned for Redfall before studio closure

Development has now officially closed on the game.

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Apparently, before Arkane Austin was shockingly shuttered yesterday alongside Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog Games and Roadhouse Games, the studio was working on a huge update for Redfall.

Redfall was not well-received when it launched, as many of us know, and yet there were those that hoped it could get better. Arkane Austin and Xbox had repeatedly said they were committed to making changes, but it seems nothing is coming to save Redfall. IGN reports that a massive update was planned for the game before this shock announcement.

The Hero Pass was apparently set to release this Halloween, and it would have added in two more characters. Even sooner, in a May update the game would have been playable even if you weren't online, but now that this isn't going ahead, there are fears Redfall will disappear entirely when the servers are shut off.


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