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Horizon Forbidden West

A legitimate, early build of Horizon Forbidden West has been leaked

The version seemed to have been the PlayStation 4 edition of Guerrilla Games' upcoming title.

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It seems like some people have been able to get their hands on an early build of Horizon Forbidden West, due to a leaked early version of what seemed to be the PlayStation 4 edition of the game.

Reported on by VGC, the build is claimed to be a legitimate one, which, bar missing art assets in places, contained the entire experience of the upcoming title. While we should be cautious of spoilers and further leaks ahead of launch due to this, it does seem like Sony has managed to get a handle on the situation quite quickly, as the leaked images (released yesterday) that came from the build have already been taken down as part of a copyright strike. Similarly, even though the build has been leaked, it seems as though the build has been removed from circulation since.

Horizon Forbidden West is set to release on PS4 and PS5 in around a month, on February 18 to be exact. Recently, we reported on the new Tribes of the West trailer, which gave us a deeper look into the cultures and customs of the people of the game's diverse land.

Horizon Forbidden West

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