A koi pond is coming for Grounded

The new November update will also be adding enhancements for the Xbox Series.

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Do you know what would make the already very tough life as a shrunken child, lost in the back yard, even harder? Adding a lot of water. So of course that is what Obsidian is doing next. It has now confirmed that a koi pond is coming for the game where you'll be able to swim with fish and water bugs.

The update is coming in November and adds a lot of performance enhancements, 'quality of life' improvements, and support for Xbox Series S and X. Adam Brenneke, Grounded's Game Director, explains in an interview with Windows Central how it was to work with Xbox Series X:

"I think it's amazing, like when I got Grounded running on the Series X. I was blown away. It just feels like a completely different experience like it's just so silky smooth. The framerate is amazing. It looks amazing."

Brenneke also added a comment on working with Xbox Series S:

"No, I think, you know it's running silky-smooth there as well. I think that really resolution is the only big difference between the two platforms."


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