A Juggler's Tale

A Juggler's Tale's connection between narrator and puppet "make for cool story moments"

We spoke with Steffen Oberle, art director on upcoming indie title, A Juggler's Tale.

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When we were at Gamescom this year, we spoke with Steffen Oberle, art director on upcoming indie title A Juggler's Tale. During the interview, we got a glimpse at what makes the game unique as well as the inspiration behind it.

"A Juggler's Tale is a 3D side scroller game, like Limbo or Inside or Little Nightmares" said Oberle. "It's very story driven and through riddles or puzzles, you get to know the story and walk through the game."

"Every character is a puppet and a marionette, so everyone has these strings, which can be a liability because you can't go underneath objects, making for great puzzles and puzzle design. There's also the connection between the narrator and our protagonist, which make for cool story moments."

He later gave us an insight into the puzzle design for the title, where Oberle said, "It's a mix between the setting, which is kind of medieval and the puppet play, a lot of our main puzzles focus on the string mechanic. So, you can't go underneath objects, you have to pull things around or move things around or convince other characters to help you get over things. Then you can from behind open a door or something, that you couldn't go through before."

A Juggler's Tale is currently in the works for a PC release, in the second half of 2020. According to Oberle, the studio does also have plans for a console and Switch release as well, although it is not the current priority.

Are you interested in trying A Juggler's Tale's puzzles?

A Juggler's TaleA Juggler's Tale

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