Atlas Fallen

A humorous Saruman of the sands encourages the launch of Atlas Fallen

Deck 13's title launches next week and it looks like they've already opted to cheer us up at launch with their movement mechanic: surfing.

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Deck 13 stretched out the release of Atlas Fallen by a few months to offer a fun (single player and co-op) experience, employing some familiar action game systems, but at the same time offering a deep story and some unique gameplay elements. I myself had my doubts when I first tried the game, but it looks like the studio's confidence in it is now total, and the new trailer they've given us is proof of that.


In it, we can see an elderly character on a crystal ball (Saruman, is that you?) as he tells us the premise of the game, in which we play one of the heroes who must end the tyranny of an evil and corrupt god who has enslaved humanity using endless attacks, weapons that change size and shape, and... surfing.

Sand surfing is not exactly unheard of in 2023 video games, but it looks like it will be a slightly more fun exploration option this time around.

Atlas Fallen will be released on August 10th for PC, Xbox Series and PS5.

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