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      Fallout 4

      A huge Fallout 4 mod just got delayed because of Starfield

      "A certain space game got delayed and is now scheduled to come out around the same time we had planned."

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      Fallout: London is one of the most ambitious mod projects we've seen over the last few years, essentially making an entirely new game within Fallout 4 as the apocalypse comes to Old Blighty.

      With a fully working London Underground system as well as new weapons, enemies, and plenty of new lore to dig through, we've been keeping an eye on Fallout: London for some time. However, in the latest progress update, the developers have informed us the release of Fallout: London is getting delayed.

      They're now looking at a Q4 2023 release, which could mean anytime after October, and the reason behind this delay is Starfield. Prilladog, the project lead, said: "Now you might be wondering, 'Why so late?' Well, initially, we had hoped for it to be in the third quarter ... however, a certain space game got delayed and is now scheduled to come out around the same time we had planned."

      "This not only gives you all more time to play Starfield," Prilladog continues. "But also allows us more time for playtesting and bug fixing, so it's a win/win situation."

      While Fallout: London is an exciting prospect, Bethesda fans are going to be flocking to Starfield en masse when it does release, and so it makes sense to push the mod back a bit. Will you be playing Fallout: London?

      Fallout 4

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