Legend of Mana HD

A HD version of Legend of Mana is releasing this June

The original title launched in 1999 back on the original PlayStation.

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Square Enix's trip down memory lane will continue this June, as it has been revealed that Legend of Mana will be receiving a HD remaster on PC, PS4, and Switch. The game will have its music and visuals fully reworked so that it is able to live up to modern day standards.

The title was first released back in 1999 on the original PlayStation, and it was met with pretty positive reviews on arrival with Famitsu giving it a respectable score of 31/40. It also was a hot seller for the series, as it was able to shift 400,000 units within its opening week in Japan.

With Legends of Mana releasing on June 24, 2021, fans on current platforms now have access to five entries within the Mana series. The Secret of Mana was first remade in 2018, Collection of Mana launched exclusively on the Switch in 2019 (Europe), and this was followed a year later by a remaster of 1995's Trials of Mana.

Legend of Mana HD

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