A handy instrument tuner has now been added to Google Search

Now you really have no excuse for being out of tune.

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Google Search users now have access to a chromatic tuner right within their browser when using both desktop and mobile devices. To use the instrument tuner though, you'll need to have a microphone connected to your device and allow for it to be accessed. The quality of your experience here will, of course, be dependent on what microphone you're using and how close your instrument is positioned in relation to it.

With tuners being built into DAWs like Pro Tools and Logic and with so many tuning apps available, you may question whether this is even necessary. Personally, we can see this being a great tool for beginner players, as they can search for guitar and bass tabs and tune their instruments without ever needing to leave their browser.

A handy instrument tuner has now been added to Google Search

Thanks, Engadget.

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