A further six employees have left the Google Stadia team

This follows after the departure of product head, John Justice.

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Staff retention within the Google Stadia team doesn't appear to be the strongest at the moment. We recently reported that head of product John Justice had departed from the company and now it has been revealed that a further six employees have also followed suit.

These employees include Corey May (former head of creative services and publishing) and Sebastien Peul (the team's former general manager). In addition to these two, Jonathan Dankoff, Pierre-Marc Bérubé, Erwann Le Rouzic and Francis Denoncourt have all left the company.

All these six employees have now taken on new roles at Haven Studios, which is headed by Jade Raymond. That name might sound familiar and that is because she helped co-create the Assassin Creed franchise and formerly worked as Stadia's head of development. Haven Studio, if you're unaware, is an independent studio that is currently working on a new IP that has been financed by Sony for PlayStation platforms.

A further six employees have left the Google Stadia team

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