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A free trial version of Prey is now available

And there's a hefty discount on top of this.

Prey was met with a moderately positive response from critics when it released back in May (you can even read our review if you're interested), but if you're still having trepidations about investing in Arkane Austin's sci-fi horror game, well, the guys there are one step ahead of you.

Through a new trailer they've announced that the opening hour of the game is now available through a trial on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and what's more is that any trophies/achievements and save progress is carried over should you decide to purchase the full game after trying it.

On top of this, the game is now 50% off, costing £19.99, so that's just one more way Arkane Austin is reeling players into their game. Have you been waiting for this?

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