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A five-year world record Minecraft Hardcore run has ended

Streamer Philza had been dodging death for some time, but a lethal combination of baby zombies and fire was the final straw.

We all know the feeling of dread in Minecraft when you slip into a cave and there are more monsters than you anticipate, or you accidentally get set on fire and can't put yourself out, and that's unfortunately what Twitch streamer Philza had to deal with recently.

Now normally this wouldn't be news, but his in-game death from these circumstances at around the one hour and 12 minutes mark in this Twitch video actually has a much deeper significance - it was the end of a five-year run on Hardcore mode in the game, setting a World Record.

That might feel sweet, but it was a sour taste in the mouth when Philza realised it was a spider and a baby zombie that brought the legendary run to an end

Have you tried Hardcore mode?

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