A fire at one of Facepunch Studios data centres has caused "large amounts" of Rust data loss

Facepunch: "Data will be unable to be restored."

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A few days ago, it was revealed that Rust would finally be releasing on consoles later this Spring, but unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to celebrate the announcement all that long as a fire broke out at one of Facepunch Studios European data centres, and a "large amount of data" has been lost because of it. The announcement of the fire came over the game's official Twitter account, and it stated:

25 of our EU servers remain offline due to a fire at OVH Datacenter in the early hours of this morning. Unfortunately, the fire destroyed SBG-2 building. We're expecting a large amount of data loss across the affected servers.

We'll share more news when we can."

Shortly afterwards, another tweet followed suit that stated "Data will be unable to be restored." The social channel has also since clarified what it means by data, saying, "When we referred to "data" in prior Tweets today the data lost in question was only player progression on 25 servers," which does seem to suggest the impact isn't as bad as the first impression gave.

A bunch of servers in replacement have since been turned online, although the full 25 have seemingly not been restored as of yet.


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