A few characters will be returning in Invincible's third season

Titan and Battle Beast will be among the fray.

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While Invincible already has a massive list of characters that it looks to use on a near every episode basis, there are many characters that pop up, disappear and then seemingly never return again. That won't be the case with a few individuals that made debuts in the first season of the show.

For the upcoming third season of Invincible, we can look forward to Battle Beast and Titan (voiced by Mahershala Ali) being amongst the list of returning characters. This was confirmed by creator Robert Kirkman during The Invincible Podcast, meaning we'll no doubt be in store for more exciting fights between heroes and villains in the coming season.

There's no clear timeline on when Invincible will be back, but it was previously promised that the wait between Season 2 and 3 won't be as long as the wait between Season 1 and 2 was.


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