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A "completeley overhauled" Chemistry is the main new feature in FIFA 23's FUT

FUT Moments is a new way to play and earn rewards.

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With it being the biggest-grossing aspect of the annual release beyond the title's own sales, and with the mode also being by far the one players spend the most time in, both EA Sports and the community were eager to respectively share and learn more about FIFA Ultimate Team 23. FUT 23 could be an own game in itself, as it has plenty of facets and interweaving systems, and that's why today's reveal is perhaps the most important thing about FIFA 23 so far since our visit to EA Vancouver a month ago.

According to associate producer Azlan Mustapha and line producer Michael Barnucz at the event in Canada, the "complete overhaul" of the Chemistry system will be the key to squad building this year. With it being way more flexible and enabling, EA wants players to create teams via "more intuitive linking and authentic positioning", which is "less punishing, enabling more variety and creativity". In the always tricky balance between accessibility and possibilities, now there are no lines, no positional links to identify chemistry between athletes. "Players can link across the entire pitch regardless of the position", such as for example the iconic duo in the Premier League Liverpool's wingers.


Now there are three levels to unlock player chemistry within a team. With positioning out of the equation, now countries (besides nationality), leagues, and clubs add to the formula. Also, most importantly, there will be "no more negative effects for low chemistry", including when a player is blatantly placed out of position. They actually have secondary positions now based on their real-world performance, and a streamlined position change item allows you to pick your own. Think of Cancelo going RB to LB.

What's more, FUT Icons and Heroes will always have Full Chemistry when in the correct position, no matter what. This counts as two players towards nation chemistry. As for the Heroes themselves, Carvalho, Park Ji Sung, and Yaya Toure were the stars of the events, with no new Icon announcements for the day.

Other than the Chemistry aspect, FUT Moments is a brand-new single player game mode in FIFA 23 which is short, fast "and fun with challenges". With it, EA wants to appeal to both new and veteran players, as moments are grouped within a campaign and they can be for example historic moments (some minutes to try and draw the game with Mbappé) or skill-based challenges (pass 3 times, score a volley). They can be quickly restarted and they award 1-3 stars which can then be redeemed in the gallery. The producers told us that these will be "roughly weekly updated", with some challenges being shorter for a few days and others longer, and with the stars being saved for later.

As per shown in the pictures below, there's also new life in the FUT stadium with plenty of elements "on both gens", new lighting, coloured lights, tifos, animated banners, thematic ads (Halloween or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde), and more.

How does FUT 23 look to you so far?


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