Steamworld Heist II

A boatload of Steamworld Heist II gameplay was just shown off

The game will debut on PC and consoles in August.

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Thunderful has been steadily showing off more and more of its upcoming Steamworld Heist II over the past few months, and that effort is continuing further today. A massive extended gameplay trailer has just been published, giving us a very deep and detailed look into what this adventure sequel will be offering.

As for what Steamworld Heist II will be about, the game revolves around Captain Leeway who must travel around the Great Sea to determine why the water has suddenly become deadly and corrosive to Steambots. The idea is to sail around the world, finding new equipment and gear that can be used to improve and customise your crew to help overcome the challenges that will be found on the open waves.

This is all on top of the typical and signature Steamworld aesthetic and charm that we've come to know and love, and you can see all of this in practice and action in the new and lengthy gameplay video below.

Steamworld Heist II

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