Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

"A big no comment on Wii U"

Warren Spector talks Epic Mickey 2.

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Gamereactor's David Caballero met up with legendary game designer Warren Spector to learn more about Epic Mickey 2, the various platforms it's coming out on and the development.

On digging through the Disney archives:

"The first time I went to the animation research library they asked me what I wanted to see and I said: "why don't you just show mw everything you've got on Alice in Wonderland?" and they just started laughing. You know... You have to narrow it down a little bit. There's so much materials in the Disney archives they're constantly finding new stuff, and even if they weren't we could make games for the next 80 years about Disney's last 80 years and never run out of material."

When asked about a possible Wii U version, Spector expertly diverted us to the 3DS version:

"Let me give you a big no comment on the Wii U and instead talk about the 3DS, which I forgot to mention. We are doing a 3DS game set in Wasteland. There was certainly a temptation to just port the console game, but at the end of the day we decided not to do that. The 3DS is such a unique platform that we wanted to make a 3DS game."


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