The Division 2

A Beginner's Guide to The Division 2

We played The Division 2 until our eyes bled and came up with a guide for those of you looking to venture out into the wastes of Washington D.C. for the first time.

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The streets of the US capitol are harsh and unforgiving - if only someone would help you keep yourself alive. Well, after playing The Division 2 for the best part of our week, we've come up with a guide to help you get started in the massive (no pun intended) game.

Get your mission priorities straight

This may be a given, but make sure to do your main missions first. Main missions will not only level you up at a fast rate and unlock various features, but it will also teach you the basic mechanics of the game and net you level-appropriate gear you'll appreciate early on that will be less useful if you wait too long.

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The main missions all show a recommended level when hovering over them on the map, the level is shown being red if it's deemed too hard for you at your current level (these, if you do somehow complete them, will grant you more experience). If it's lower, however, the experience gained from the main missions will be way lower than normal and won't grant you much in that field. You may think that completing a side mission here and there is good filler when you find one when exploring but you want to keep these active for as long as possible if you want to level up at a fast rate for completing those neat strongholds and getting up close and personal with other players in the Dark Zone. The side missions, unlike the main missions, scale to your level, giving you a hefty amount of XP and level-appropriate gear upon completion.

Pick the most efficient starter skills and perks

There are eight skills to choose from when levelling up but each skill can be altered to fit your playstyle and it can be tough to pick the right one when first starting out. If playing alone, we'd suggest starting off with either the standard turret or drone since they both serve as excellent diversions in combat for when enemies swarm your location. The drone can also be used as a healing drone, replenishing your health you as well as that of your teammates (if you choose to play with other people) when taking heavy fire on the battlefield. If you're a part of a team the resurrection hive can be a good early unlock, granting you the option to revive yourself or another player when in a sticky situation.

As for perks, the other crucial levelling upgrade, you'll want to put your points into the experience boost channels as early as possible (if you want to level up at a fast rate, that is). These perks will grant you more experience points for various tasks such as nailing headshots and hitting weak points.

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The Division 2

Carry two weapons with widely different strengths

In The Division 2 you'll be able to carry two weapons (once you pick the second weapon slot in your skill tree, which you do as part of the game's tutorial) that you'll be able to switch between in combat. You may come across two decent looking machine guns, but carrying two weapons of the same type or even the same optimal range can get you into trouble. Make sure you have a weapon for short-range combat and a weapon for long-range battles. We went with a scoped machine gun and a powerful shotgun to fend off both the enemies hiding behind cover a mile away and those flanking close-quarters shotgunners and suicide bombers.

Make sure to modify your weapons and gear

Of course, with The Division 2 being an action-RPG, there's plenty of modifications to apply and customisation options to explore. Regarding the former, the modification tab in your gear and weapon inventory is one you should update each time you net a mod you can use. Not only can you get some neat stat-boosting weaponry in your arsenal but you can also apply experience bonuses to your gear and guns, helping you out further in the adventure on your journey to unlocking that maximum character level.

Save your resources and crafting components

When the crafting menu opens up a bit into the game, using up all of your resources and crafting components to craft that neat-looking weapon can be tempting but we'd advise you to hold back your plans when it comes to crafting early in the game. Not only will you find reasonably powerful weapons for your level in the early stages of the game, but the longer you wait and the more resources and crafting components you collect, the more powerful your crafted weapon will be in the end (that goes without saying, we know). Another reason to not just jump on the first blueprint you find is the fact that you may not know what weapon type you want to use down the line.

Once you've nailed those pointers down, you'll be good to go. Venture forth, agent, and level up at incredible speeds. Liked our guide? Stay tuned for more to come.

The Division 2

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