The Last of Us: Part I

A bakery has made a life-sized The Last of Us Clicker...out of bread

It's unsettlingly accurate.

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One of the most exciting parts of the spooky season is that we see all manner of weird creations. From cakes that are truly horrifying to fantastic costumes, it's a great time period to flaunt your creative skills, and this is precisely what San Francisco bakery, One House Bakery, has looked to do, using Naughty Dog's The Last of Us as inspiration.

The bakery has created a life-sized model of a Clicker, which it is dubbing The Last of Crust, and while the model is edible, its appearance is so life-like that it's honestly a little bit unsettling and off-putting to look at.

As for why the bread model has been made, it will be entered into a local scarecrow contest that is taking place throughout the month of October. While it does seem strange that bread is picked to make a scarecrow from, no doubt birds will see the appearance of this model and keep well away from it.

The Last of Us: Part I
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