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95-year-old woman was gifted new GameBoy by Nintendo

A 95-year-old woman was devastated when her GameBoy broke but had her handheld experience saved by none other than Nintendo.

The Asahi Shimbun is one of the most popular newspapers in Japan and a few days ago it reported an interesting story regarding an elderly lady who happened to be a great fan of GameBoy and Tetris. The 70-year-old daughter of the woman, Kuniko Tsusaka, told the story to the newspaper, explaining that her at that time 95-year-old mother was suffering from several health problems with which she was afflicted, was the protagonist of a rather beautiful tale. Bedridden, the woman had developed a great passion for Tetris, which kept her company, distracting her from her disease, but one day her GameBoy stopped working.

Desperate, Kuniko and her son tried to track down the spare parts in Chiba, where they lived, but to no avail, since the console was very old and long out of production. This is how the woman's son and granny's grandson came up with the idea of ​​contacting Nintendo's "divine customer service" to find out if they still had spare parts for the handheld console. The woman proceeded to write Nintendo a letter by hand, explaining the situation and asking for spare parts for the GameBoy now not working.

And that's how Nintendo decided to respond to the woman with a handwritten letter and, having no more pieces to repair the lady's console, the company wanted to send her a brand-new GameBoy as a gift, since they still had some in storage. Kuniko and her mother were overjoyed, and the old Tetris fan was able to continue having fun with her favourite game for another four years until she passed away.

A beautiful story, of course, which ended for the best for the delightful granny who loves Tetris, who could continue playing until the last days. "Up in the sky, she's thankful, I think," says the daughter, concluding her emotional and moving story.

95-year-old woman was gifted new GameBoy by Nintendo

Thanks to Kotaku.

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