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'92 Dream Team Siege player apologises for offensive audio clips

Adam 'Drip' Kolodkin is part of the team that's just got into the Pro League, and has issued a statement on his previous actions.

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The team known as '92 Dream Team has just qualified for the Rainbow Six Pro League, but already their played Adam 'Drip' Kolodkin has come under fire after a clip emerged allegedly showing him using a racial slur on a stream, something that happened back when he was known as Yardy.

You can't see his face in the stream, but Drip has since issued an apology on Reddit:

"I am writing this regarding my past, and I would like to confront these issues head on and formally apologize not only to those I offended, but the community as well. As many of you know, there are audio clips of me saying very vile, disgusting things. These clips are not only embarrassingly awful, but they make me sick to my stomach listening to myself say these things. I am embarrassed by these videos and want to publicly apologize."

"If you do not accept this apology, I 100% understand, as my actions do have consequences. All I ask is that you do not associate my past behavior with my teammates. My teammates are some of the most genuine, kind, and honest people around, and I thank them for helping me through this journey."

This has prompted a response from the community, including caster Parker Mackay, who responded on Twitter:

"The things you said were disgusting and abhorrent but owning up to them is a good first step. I'm hopeful this apology is more than nice words and that you'll be better in the future. As much as I disagree with what you said originally I believe people deserve a second chance."

Do you agree with Mackay?

Rainbow Six: Siege

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