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9:1 piracy ratio on Android

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Sports Interactive studio manager Miles Jacobson wrote an editorial for Wired.co.uk, about the rampant piracy on Android devices. He mentioned that Football Manager Handheld 2012, that was recently released on Android, has around 100,000 players, but that only one in ten have bought and paid for the game.

"As our sales passed the 10,000 mark, I asked to see the figure for skin downloads; it was up to 113,000. Because every installed copy of the game -- legitimately bought or not -- needs a skin, we were able to make a pretty direct comparison between our sales figures and our actual user base."

"I like to believe the best in people, so I imagined to myself that everyone who bought our game downloaded it twice; once for their phone and once for their tablet. Even if this were true that still means a piracy rate of 83 percent."

"I tweeted about this 9:1 piracy ratio, calling those that had bombarded us with requests for the game and then pirated it "dicks". I make no apology for this. Anyone who illegally downloads software is a dick."

Jacobson notes that the high asking price for Football Manager Handheld 2012 (£6.99) is due to licensing fees and largely out of the developer's hands. Jacobson notes in his article that much can be done to help piracy issues on Android devices:

"What we really need for Android is an online shop front that doesn't just make it easy for people to buy and access their games, but also offers services such as leaderboards (think global high score tables) and community features, alongside some customer-friendly DRM. A system that doubles up as a way to "matchmake" network gamers, so you can play against your friends. An online store that essentially acts like an app-only iTunes, Game Centre and a social network for Android users all in one."

Football Manager Handheld 2012

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