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9 demos you should check out during October's Steam Next Fest

With 100s of demos available, there's certainly a title for you here worth exploring.

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Steam Next Fest has rolled around once again and is offering us the chance to check out 100s of indies before they officially hit digital storefronts. The same event was held June this year and we lost countless hours exploring the many exciting future releases in the indie world. The list of 100s of titles here can feel pretty overwhelming to sift through, but worry not, as we have taken the trouble of putting together a list of some of the event's finest-looking offerings. Whether you're into platformers, Souls-likes, or first-person shooters, we've got something to suit you.


Hometopia is pretty much what you'd get if you strip out the Build Mode from The Sims and flesh it out into its very own game. Here you can design the home of your dreams within five unique neighbourhoods using a catalogue of thousands of items. Hometopia features a Career Mode where you're responsible for renovating rundown properties and a Sandbox Mode that allows you to run wild with an unlimited amount of cash. There's even the option to share your creations and visit other players' homes through Steam Workshop.

9 demos you should check out during October's Steam Next Fest

Martha Is Dead

Set within Tuscany during the final stretches of World War II, Martha Is Dead is a twisted psychological thriller that has been developed by the team behind Town of Light. The game sees you play as Giulia, a young woman that is overwhelmed with guilt and sorrow after finding her deceased sister floating facedown within a nearby lake. Interestingly, Martha Is Dead sets itself apart from other titles within the genre, as it has a focus on photography, and it is also the first indie game with native Italian as its default language setting.

9 demos you should check out during October's Steam Next Fest

Neko Ghost, Jump!

This adorable "cat-former" really seemed to purr-lease audiences when it was first unveiled at this year's E3, as viewers voted it as their favourite title to be revealed during the Indie Games Showcase. Neko Ghost, Jump! shares a similar mechanic to Super Paper Mario on the Wii, as players can alter their surroundings by switching between 2D and 3D purr-spectives. The game looks to be stuffed with content too, as it has 40 different levels across eight biomes and 100s of customisations options for you to pimp out your feline friend.

9 demos you should check out during October's Steam Next Fest


Thymesia is a Souls-like that has long been on our radar and we can't wait to delve into its dreary world now that its demo has become available. This Team 17 publisher title sees you play as a mysterious character known as Corvus within a plague-afflicted land that is swarming with monsters. Here there are a variety of different equippable plague weapons that can be upgraded and modified, and you can even transform into a raven form during battle and execute your foes by shedding your razor-like feathers.

9 demos you should check out during October's Steam Next Fest

Young Souls

Don't get mislead by the title of this one, as we haven't lined up yet another Souls-like. Young Souls is instead a stylish 2D brawler that features some pretty in-depth RPG mechanics. Here you play as a pair of orphans known as Jenn and Tristan, who are sucked into a goblin-run parallel universe after searching for a missing scientist that raised them as children. The game is playable both solo and in co-op, and it's said to feature more than 20 terrifying bosses that you'll need to take down using its beat em' up style of combat.

9 demos you should check out during October's Steam Next Fest

Firegirl: Hack 'n Splash Rescue

How many procedurally generated firefighting adventures have you played already? Firegirl: Hack n' Splash has certainly carved out a niche for itself and at the very least it should score top points for originality. The title sees you step into the boots of a rookie firefighter, and it's your job to investigate why fires are cropping up more frequently across your city. Here you'll propel yourself through the air with your hose and use your axe to shatter obstacles in your path when saving civilians that are caught in the heat of danger. It certainly seems original and action-packed, so we can't wait to check it out.

9 demos you should check out during October's Steam Next Fest

Earth From Another Sun

Our first thoughts when viewing the trailer for Earth From Another Sun was, "this is an indie game!?" The space exploration title just has the polish of a AAA release, and surprisingly, it's only around 70% complete, according to the game's official website. Earth From Another Sun's combat is said to blend together first-person shooting and strategy elements and its deep space battles will feature 1,000s of individual units on the battlefield. It certainly makes for a tantalising sales pitch, so let's hope it lives up to expectations.

9 demos you should check out during October's Steam Next Fest

Danger Forever

Danger Forever is a side-scrolling shooter that feels reminiscent of classic Panzer Dragoon titles from the Sega Saturn era. The game sees you trade projectiles with enemies in the skies whilst you ride on the back of a giant blue-eyed mecha-dragon. All 100 levels here are procedurally generated and you're even able to upgrade and customise your fire-breathing friend using the energy and materials that you collect throughout levels. There are also several unlockable difficulty settings with 'nightmare' posing a real challenge for veterans.

9 demos you should check out during October's Steam Next Fest

Super Toy Cars Offroad

There's something so charming about titles like Micro Machines where you race little toy-sized cars across miniaturised environments. One of the latest titles to tackle this concept is Super Toy Cars Offroad, but as you may have guessed from its name, it adds in a twist of its own. The racer is focused purely on off-road tracks in the snow, mud, and sand, and its line-up of vehicles includes tow trucks, rally cars, and flatbeds. The action here looks fast-paced and chaotic with there even being Mario Kart-like items for you to propel at your foes.

9 demos you should check out during October's Steam Next Fest

You can find all of these demos and 100s more by heading over to the Steam Next Fest page. If you had fun with this list, be sure to check out the one we put together for June's Next Fest event here.

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