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5G will "certainly be delayed" according to Huawei

The controversial tech will almost certainly be rolled out later than planned according to Huawei.

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As one of the largest 5G manufactures, Huawei is an essential cog in the machine when it comes to making the 5G infrastructure of the future. To that end, the implementation of 5G was touched upon in Huawei's annual report, which includes a number of interesting quotations, among them being how the company strongly believes that the continued rollout of 5G is important to ensure connectivity during the crisis.

However, a delay there will be, and senior execute Eric Xu has told numerous media that these delays will last until "the time when the pandemic is brought under control" - and as this has not happened yet, one could argue that this conflicts with Chinese authorities, who claim things are returning to normal, but perhaps their viewpoint of control differs from the one Huawei has.

In the report, Huawei also stated that there "definitely" would be an impact, this time according to VP Victor Zhang. He goes on to state that the reliability of existing networks is first priority as they impact peoples' ability to work and entertain themselves from home.

However, as the COVID-19 crisis has shown us, bandwidth and coverage needs to improve, and Zhang agrees, stating that "the quickest way is to use the 5G deployment. We need to accelerate the network bandwidth [...] to make sure everyone can work and can entertain and can share information".

Before the Coronavirus, Huawei had a limited role in the UK, with France and Germany the same, and only time will tell if these decisions will be changed in order to accelerate the 5G rollout when lockdowns are cancelled across Europe.

5G will "certainly be delayed" according to Huawei

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