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Grand Theft Auto VI

50 Cent may be teasing Grand Theft Auto VI

Fans are flocking to the rapper's Instagram page in the hopes of finding more information.

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Despite the leaks last year, official news on Grand Theft Auto VI remains mostly elusive. However, a new post from iconic rapper 50 Cent may have given us some insight into the upcoming game.

In the Instagram post, 50 Cent posted an image of Vice City, which is supposed to be the setting of GTA VI. In the caption, 50 Cent said he'll explain the post later, but also hyped up the announcement by saying it was bigger than Power, which is the name of his TV show.

As well as teasing his involvement with Grand Theft Auto VI, 50 Cent could also be teasing something else. Fans in his comment section believe that he could be looking at a Grand Theft Auto TV adaptation, considering the rapper's interest in television series.

What do you think 50 Cent is teasing?

Grand Theft Auto VI

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