5 million players have now tried Spellbreak

The figures have more than doubled in the last two weeks.

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After gathering over 2 million players in only 5 days, Spellbreak's numbers are now much higher with 5 million players and 4 millions of hours watched on Twitch in only three weeks.

Proletariat just released a nice infographic to celebrate it, and you know how much we like numbers and stats here at Gamereactor. We now know that the game's Discord has 300 000 members and that the top three countries where the game is the most popular are the United States, Japan, and Brazil, among several other pieces of information.

Spellbreak is a cross-platform battle royale available for free on PC (via Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. It also offers a cross-progression system. You may find our review over here.


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