Metro Exodus

4A Games developer dead defending Ukraine

The animator was known for his work on Metro Exodus most recently.

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Even if it seems like Ukraine currently has the upper hand against Russia's aggressions, it's important to remember that Ukrainians still die every day defending their country. And it's people from all parts of the society contributing, even from the video game industry.

The acknowledged animator Andrii "Nizrok" Korzinkin from 4A Games (most recently involved in Metro Exodus) has now been confirmed to be killed in action. His colleague Leonid Stepanov from Remedy Games writes that Korzinkin "died while performing a combat mission in the struggle for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine".

It is of course a tragedy that he had to fight off invaders instead of doing his regular work as an animator, and that it ultimately led to this. Korzinkin had a Twitter account where he shared some of his work, which is well worth a visit for remembrance. Also, remember to donate for Ukraine if you have the means to do so, every little bit helps.

Metro Exodus

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