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3D brawler Heart&Slash gets a physical PS4 release

Kickstarted title making its way to console both digitally and physically.

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Heart&Slash, a roguelike-like 3D permadeath brawler that initially appeared on Kickstarter, is making its way to PS4, and is also getting a physical version. The game is in development from aheartfulofgames, and made its way to steam as a part of the Early Access program in 2014.

In the game you play as 'Heart,' a robot in a permadeath world where everything is out to get you. Restarting the game upon death nets you a new set of weapons, and changes the layout of the levels and gives you different enemies to fight.

The game is currently only listed for release in the UK and a few European territories, but is set to come out on June 24, where the physical version is listed for £19.99.


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