35 years later: Final Fight might get an official Mega Drive release

The creator just needs final approval from Capcom.

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Mega Drive was the first successful 16-bit console, which ultimately led to Nintendo abandoning NES to release Super Nintendo. But despite Sega's very good relationship with Capcom, Mega Drive never got a Final Fight version (there was one for Sega CD a few years later), while it was a big hit for Super Nintendo.

At least that was true for 35 years. Because the Mega Drive developer Mauro Xavier is currently working on something he calls Mega Final Fight, which is precisely just that, a Mega Drive version of this classic beat 'em up. And now it seems like he might get Capcom's blessing, thus making it an official version.

He writes on X that he is "currently awaiting a response from a distributor to make FFMD an official game authorized by Capcom". And clearly this is a big company as he adds that "this distributor is big enough to try to convince Capcom. We just have to wait."

We assume there's a fairly big chance that this might ultimately get a physical release if Capcom actually approves Mega Final Fight, which means it could become quite the collectors item. Lets keep our fingers crossed it'll happen.

35 years later: Final Fight might get an official Mega Drive release

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