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Goat of Duty

34BigThings reveals Goat of Duty's full roadmap

The very unique shooter from 34BigThings got its full roadmap just recently and it brings plenty of new features.

If you're not familiar with 34BigThings' unconventional shooter Goat of Duty, well, frankly - you should be. There are few things as heartwrenching as witnessing brave goat soldiers fight for the freedom of goats against, well, goats. Recently, the game had its full roadmap revealed and it brings plenty of new content for players to enjoy. A new game mode called Markhor Tag, where players try to survive a game of the child game tag against other goats and the infamous Markhor Goat. By killing the Markhor Goat, you become it and will be hunted by the rest of the players in a tense hunt for victory.

A new map focusing on verticality is also to be added, titled Death Valley. Interested in trying the game out? It will be discounted by 40% starting October 12 and ending October 14 before the price increases to €9,99.

Check the launch trailer and the roadmap out below.

Goat of Duty

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