Halo: The Master Chief Collection

343 releases Q&A for Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo 3's bumper jumper coming to Halo 2.

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343 Industries has posted a community Q&A on Halo Waypoint, answering a plethora of questions about the upcoming re-release which brings all four Halo games to Xbox One.

These answers include various bits of information about controls and graphics, among other things.

"We are currently finalizing control schemes, but we can say that we'll have universal schemes that work across all games, as well as dedicated control schemes for each game," the studio assured us.

"If you loved Halo 2's default scheme but play Bumper Jumper in Halo 3, you'll be able to use these for each corresponding title."

Halo 2 is obviously the star of the show, getting full anniversary treatment in form of new visuals, cutscenes and tidbits about Halo 5: Guardians. But the studio wants to keep the "feel" as close to the original as possible.

"We are making huge investments to deliver a premium experience at 1080p, 60 fps. Having said that, the original game had a lot of dependencies running at 30 fps so we are focusing on making sure Halo 2 plays the way it did "post-patch." Gameplay will feel the way you remember it."

Campaign co-op play will be supported across all four titles, both online and split-screen. In addition for Halo 2 split-screen, 343 opted to use a horizontal view instead of a vertical one (which, if you remember, wasn't the best decision Bungie ever made).

The campaign co-op breakdown is as follows:

Halo: CE Anniversary - 2 players max, split-screen or online
Halo 2: Anniversary - 2 players max, split-screen or online
Halo 3 - 4 players max online, 2 players max split-screen
Halo 4 - 4 players max online, 2 players max split-screen

During the Q&A 343 did confirm that they weren't going to bring the collection to Xbox 360:

"We do not have any plans to bring the game to Xbox 360 as the game size, enhanced features and technical specifications simply can't support it."

However, they were more non-commital when questioned about a possible PC version, saying they focussing on the Xbox One version, but not outright denying the possibility.

The collection launches on Xbox One on November 11, and players will get beta access for Halo 5: Guardians as part of the package.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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