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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

343 inundated with pizza as Reddit keeps its promise

Someone said they'd send pizza to 343 Industries if the Halo Master Chief Collection was revealed for PC, and they were true to their word, along with many others.

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In the last few weeks a fair few people guessed that the Halo: Master Chief Collection announcement at the Inside Xbox stream last night would be that the game is coming to PC, and it turned out people were right. It also turns out that this has had some pizza-related side effects for 343 Industries though, and we'll explain what we mean by that.

As explained by SweetNicole on ResetEra, someone on Reddit posted recently saying that they'd buy pizza for the first 343 Industries employee who comments if the collection was revealed for PC, and ske7ch was the one who responded, asking what kind of pizza they were talking about. Well, ske7ch is actually 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard, and when the announcement came, so too did the pizzas.

As compiled in another ResetEra thread, there was a deluge of pizzas send to the developer from different locations and in all shapes and sizes. Despite Jarrard's pleas not to swamp them with pizza, it seems like the slices kept coming, prompting Jarrard to tweet the following message:

"The Halo community is awesome. We're excited, too! Please, don't send anymore pizzas to 343 Industries. The building receptionist isn't here so it's getting logistically challenging and we really don't want to see food to go waste."

Considering Jarrard teased the reveal of the PC version with one simple pizza emoji before the stream last night, perhaps this was just the community's odd way of saying thank you for the insider information.

Are you gonna grab a slice of the Halo pie when it comes to PC?

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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