Halo Infinite

343 Industries reveals Halo combat tabletop game

UK-based tabletop studio Mantic Games is giving the setting new life in 2024.

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Mantic Games and 343 Industries are teaming up to bring us a new Halo tabletop game. The game will largely be focused on combat, and will feature collectible Spartan miniatures that you can take into battle.

John Friend, head of Halo and Xbox consumer products, said the following in a statement: "We are thrilled to team up with Mantic Games to bring a new Halo tabletop game to fans in 2024. Mantic is a leader in tabletop gaming, and their quality and experience show through in all their work. I'm most excited in this case about their passion for the Halo franchise and for bringing Halo gameplay to tabletop gaming in an incredibly authentic way."

The first preview of the game is expected to land in March, with a full retail release coming this September. For those who are existing fans of either Halo or tabletop gaming, this does seem like quite an interesting project. Personally, I can't wait to see what the miniatures look like, as even for those who don't actively play tabletop games, they will be good collectibles.

Halo Infinite

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