320 Euro, 12GB Nvidia RTX3060 announced at CES

These new cards are designed to replace the aging GTX1060 cards.

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Coming late next month, priced at 320 Euros the RTX3060 provides you no less than 12 GB GDDR6 RAM and with a 1.780 Mhz boost clock, 3584 Cuda cores and a 192 bit memory interface. It will have slightly less power draw, but more to note, the output has not been officially confirmed yet.

It is going to replace the aging but extremely popular GTX1060, bringing DLSS and Ray Tracing along with all the other RTX features down to a price level where a lot more people can be a part of the latest Ampere generation of RTX cards.

Despite have 50% more RAM than the RTX3060TI, the rest of the card is cheaper for a reason - its slower. However, the raw processing power should be enough to push all modern games above 60 FPS according to Nvidia, something that is not possible with the old GTX1060 cards even in their 6GB versions.

It will also be the cheapest card to support the new Resizable BAR technology, allowing the CPU to access all of the GPU memory at once, improving performance.

320 Euro, 12GB Nvidia RTX3060 announced at CES
320 Euro, 12GB Nvidia RTX3060 announced at CES

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