Bioshock Infinite

2K teasing Bioshock news... again

Third time's the charm?

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Back in 2014 the 2K-UK Twitter account teased something Bioshock related that ended up being the iOS game. Then, in January, they decided to celebrate the new year by posting this, which got our hopes up but ended up just being a badly formulated greeting. Now they're at it again. Is it a case of the third time's the charm?

Today they've posted this on Twitter: "Good morning from Booker and Elizabeth! Hope you all have a fantastic day! It's going to be an exciting one!"

Bioshock Infinite

Considering the Battleborn beta started today they might just be referring to that, but why use Booker and Elizabeth in the message? Could they be teasing news about the much rumoured Bioshock Collection? We hope so, because we've been too long away from Rapture and Columbia.

Bioshock Infinite

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