NBA 2K21

2K Sports added unskippable ads to NBA 2K21 after launch

It's reminiscent of what happened earlier in the year with UFC 4.

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In recent years, it has become a semi-common practice for some game companies to add extra questionable content to games AFTER their initial release. This means that the update is not reflected in game reviews and that the game's core audience has already made their purchase. These questionable practices may include a digital storefront, loot boxes, or - like in this case - unskippable ads.

Stevivor has reported, that 2K Sports has added unskippable ads to NBA 2K21 over a month after the game's initial release. The confirmed ad is "--- attached to a pre-game video called "MyTEAM Season 2, Episode 7" that's auto-started in a loading screen that takes longer than the ad runs (even on a PC running from an SSD)." This ad can be seen when playing either PS4, Xbox One, or Windows PC version of NBA 2K21.

Ads are usually considered OK in a free-to-play game, but people playing NBA 2K21 have already paid a premium price for their gaming experience. Do you think unskippable ads are OK in a premium-priced game? Leave your comments below.

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NBA 2K21

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