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Lego 2K Drive

2K and Lego are unveiling a driving game tomorrow

What on earth will it be called?

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Recently a few leaks and reports started doing the rounds that stated that Lego and 2K would be revealing a racing game this week, and to get a jump on these rumours, the two companies have now published a video on Twitter that confirms the existence of this title and even announces when we can expect the announcement.

In the animated video featuring Lego Awesome News Network reporter Vicky Wheeler, we're told that the two parties will be announcing some kind of Lego and 2K-developed driving game, but what exactly it will be called, we'll all just have to wait and see.

Still be sure to mark tomorrow down on your calendar if Lego and driving games are two things that really interest you.

Lego 2K Drive
Image from Forza Horizon 4's Lego Speed Champions DLC.

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