Call of Duty: Warzone

200 Player mode coming to Warzone "a little bit later"

Infinity Ward co-head Partick Kelly reveals new details for the Warzone.

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Within its first 24 hours of releasing, Call of Duty Warzone surpassed 6 million players, a number that trumps both Fortnite and Apex Legends in terms of initial players. Promising figures for the new free-to-play battle royale.

Shortly after the release of these figures, Infinity Ward co-head Patrick Kelly shed some light on what else is on its way to this new free-to-play game.

Kelly told USA Today: "Actually, I can tell you we are already playing with 200 players. We are going to release that a little bit later."

"I can tell you we have four- and five-player squads we are already playing with. But we want to launch with something we know works really well and we have tested to the nines and then play around with these different team sizes."

This is exciting news for those playing the new battle royale shooter, whether you have found the Verdansk map too large for only 150 players or you are just excited to have some new options available. One thing we are all hoping to see is a Fortnite-like timeline, with regular updates and seasonal events. Also, the inclusion of Solo and Duo will be welcomed with open arms.

What do you think of Warzone so far? Are you enjoying this new free-to-play Call of Duty?


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