The Division: Heartland

20 minutes of gameplay from The Division: Heartland has leaked online

It comes from a recent private test match.

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20 minutes of gameplay footage from The Division: Heartland has leaked online only one month after its initial reveal. The footage reportedly comes from a private test of the game and it offers insight into what its PvP matches will look like.

Heartland, if you are unaware, is an upcoming free-to-play game set within the universe of The Division. The game is said to be standalone from any other entry in the series and it is being developed by Red Storm studio.

Along with the footage, a developer briefing from the test has also leaked which offers details about two different modes: Expedition and Storm. Expedition is said to be a story-focused PvE mode, whereas Storm will reportedly be a chaotic 45-player PvEvP mode.

The Division: Heartland

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