1984's Dune director on filming: 'A terrible experience'

David Lynch isn't all too happy with how his first crack at Dune went down.

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Back in 1984, Frank Herbert's iconic sci-fi epic Dune was transformed into a lavish Hollywood feature, directed by David Lynch (Twin Peaks), and when he thinks back to that time in his life, today, his memories are not particularly rosy.

On the contrary, in an interview clip from 2006 that has recently found its way back to the internet, Lynch says that production was an absolute nightmare and that the studio then slaughtered his work on the cutting room floor, which ultimately led to Dune flopping and is now considered a piece of garbage.


David Lynch om Dune:

"I sold out. It was a slow dying the death and a terrible, terrible experience. I regret it for ever. I was very naive."

What do you think of Dune from 1984?

1984's Dune director on filming: 'A terrible experience'

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