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1666: Amsterdam

1666 heading to Ubisoft

THQ asset included in deal.

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Ubisoft has revealed that part of their agreement to buy THQ Montreal includes the acquisition of the new IP, 1666.

The project, likely based around the Fire of London, is being headed up by Assassin's Creed dev Patrice Désilets, and the team at THQ Montreal also includes several former Ubisoft employees.

In a statement made to MCV, Ubisoft revealed: ""The unannounced title being developed by THQ Montreal is included in the acquisition. We're not going to comment on individual employees, but we are very excited about THQ Montreal becoming part of Ubisoft."

Another IP secured during the asset grab is the lucrative South Park license:

""The South Park TV series has long been one of the most highly-rated animated sitcoms and has built up a huge and loyal fan following. Thanks to the work of Trey Parker, Matt Stone and the team at Obsidian, we are confident that South Park: The Stick Of Truth will be a hit that will be every bit as brazenly fun as fans would expect."

1666: Amsterdam

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