Skull and Bones

15 million kilometres were sailed in Skull and Bones' open beta

And over 44 million ships were sunk.

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Ubisoft hosted a beta for Skull and Bones over the past weekend, where players on all platforms could jump into the game and experience a massive portion of it without many barriers. Designed as a test for the full launch (which is planned for Friday, but really happened yesterday when the premium editions made their debut), it seems like a lot of players were interested in seeing what the multiplayer pirate game had in store.

We say this because Ubisoft has shared a bunch of bits of data about the open beta and player trends during that time. The data stated that almost 15 million kilometres were covered, over 44 million ships were sunk, over 3.2 million hours spent in the game, over 40 million naval battles fought, more than 180,000 pirates lost their lives to sea monsters, and over 3,600 ships were sunk by rogue waves.

Needless to say, it looks like players put the game through the ringer during the beta phase. We did too and you can read our thoughts on that experience here, ahead of our full review landing soon.

Skull and Bones

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