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$144 million donated by Epic and Microsoft for humanitarian relief in Ukraine

Two weeks worth of in-game spending makes up the donation pool.

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Ever since Russia started their aggression towards Ukraine, we've seen basically all of the video game industry step up to not only condemn Russia and take action in various ways, but also donating a lot of money.

But even with this being said, the effort from Epic and Microsoft recently is something else. Both companies have previously made huge efforts to help Ukraine out, but two weeks ago, Epic announced that all money spent in Fortnite until April 3 would be donated straight to humanitarian relief in Ukraine. Microsoft decided to opt in by not taking the regular share from Xbox Store, and instead donating this money to the very same cause as Epic.

We have reported that a lot of money has been collected this way, and as the campaign ended yesterday, we now know how much they reached. As revealed on Twitter they raised a frankly amazing $144 million. This money will now be shared between Direct Relief, UNICEF, UNHCR, World Central Kitchen and World Food Programme.

Very, very impressive by Epic and Microsoft. Let's hope more companies and gamers will follow suit.


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