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Dead Island 2

14 minute gameplay video shows all you need to know about Dead Island 2

Can this actually end up being a lot of fun?

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It's no secret that the development of Dead Island 2 has been rough, as the game was first unveiled back in 2014. This usually means the final product ends up being a real mess, but I've received something that actually makes me think Dead Island 2 won't end up like that.

Dambuster and THQ Nordic have released an extended version of Dead Island 2's gameplay reveal, and the 14 minute gameplay presentation basically shows and explains pretty much everything worth knowing about the game. This includes the quite impressive graphics (highlighted by the much talked about gore system), how different playable characters change up the gameplay in some ways, a wide range of makeshift weapons, a corny side-quest, the card-based perks system and a handful of other improvements based on feedback from the original.

What do you think?

Dead Island 2

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