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Twelve Minutes

12 Minutes lets you "put your interpretation into the experience"

Creative director Luis Antonio talked to us at E3 about his thriller, which puts you in the middle of a sinister time loop.

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At the Xbox E3 press conference this year we saw the reveal trailer for a game called 12 Minutes, and we caught up with the game's creative director Luis Antonio after the show to hear about the game in more detail, and how its mechanics operate.

"12 Minutes is an interactive thriller about a man trapped in a time loop where you come home from work, you're having an evening with your wife, and then this cop shows up, he accuses your wife of murder, he beats you up, you pass out, and then you go back to the start of the day, and you have to use the knowledge of what you know is gonna happen to change the outcome and break the loop," he explained.

"So I've been working on this for almost six years now, and I wanted to... the concept itself of a time loop I think is very interesting, and as I tried to see what that means I realised it's about this accumulated knowledge that you have as you learn more about the experience. And not just the accumulated knowledge, but your accumulated knowledge as a player. So I tried to see what experience could I design where the way you see what's happening, how can you interpret the situation? And put your interpretation into the experience."

For the full interview and reveal trailer, check down below. What do you make of this approach to a time loop?

Twelve MinutesTwelve MinutesTwelve Minutes

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