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League of Legends

100 Thieves releases Meteos

This follows what has been a rather disappointing outing at the LCS Summer Split for the team.

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100 Thieves has announced on Twitter that it has parted ways with William "Meteos" Hartman after what has been a rather disappointing LCS Summer Split for the team.

The team's tweet reads: "We've evaluated many options with @MeteosLoL and have agreed that it's best for both parties to part ways. Thank you for your time with 100 Thieves, Will. We wish you the best in the future."

Meteos later took to Twitter himself to shed some light, posting: "100 Thieves told me that they wanted to add Kenvi to the academy roster before the roster lock to give him more competitive experience, which is completely understandable. I was given the option to split time with him for the remainder of the season, but I'd rather let him have the spot since splitting time wouldn't be ideal for either of us, or the rest of the team. I let the team know that I'm available if they need anything, but I'm confident that they'll do well without me."

The 27-year-old concluded his Twitlonger post by stating that the future was unclear for him, but competitive gaming isn't something he's willing to let go due to his passion. He also teased that making a return to streaming, or delving into YouTube videos, or podcasting are aspects he would be interested in exploring.

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