100 Thieves issues response to Riot's Valorant Champions Tour ruling

"We feel our coach was fighting for our players and fans in advocating for competitive integrity."

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Recently, Riot issued a competitive ruling against esports organisation 100 Thieves following a player ping issue that resulted in a Valorant Champions Tour match taking place an hour later than it should have, despite receiving explicit orders to begin the series. The ruling, fined the team $5,000 and also saw 100T head coach Hector "FrosT" Rosario placed on competitive probation following what was regarded as unprofessional behaviour to a tournament official.

Since this ruling, 100T has issued a response to the ruling by Riot that stated:

"We disagree with Riot's competitive ruling against our VALORANT head coach FrosT and strongly disagree with Riot's public release and mischaracterization of the incident after we compiled with their investigation around a minor competitive matter."

According to the post, FrosT was quoted to say "if you DC us, you're in a bigger shitstorm than we are" to a tournament official, which is why he has received probation. However, 100T is standing by FrosT and believes his actions were justified.

"We plan to pay our fine and move on from this matter. We feel our coach was fighting for our players and fans in advocating for competitive integrity. We're moving forward and our sole focus is on improving our team's performance for the upcoming VALORANT tournaments."

100 Thieves

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