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100 Thieves has returned to Apex Legends

The esports organisation has acquired the roster of Kungarna NA, and now has three players on its team.

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100 Thieves hasn't really had that much of a presence in the Apex Legends competitive scene ever since it released a bunch of its former active players back in 2019. However, that is about to come to a close as the Los Angeles-based organisation has now signed three Apex players ahead of the start of the next season of the Apex Legends Global Series , which kicks off later this week.

The team has acquired the former roster of Kungarna NA, signing Nicholas "Vein" Hobbs, Alex "scuwry" Scala, and Brendan "Onmuu" Pode to the team. This is quite a significant acquisition for 100T, as it was this roster that previously won the ALGS Championship 2021 - North America back in June, netting $265,591 in prize money.

We'll have to see if the team can carry forward this level of success under its new namesake when the new season picks up in a few days.

Apex Legends

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