10 million players have tried FIFA 20

450 million matches have already been played since the game first released too, with a lot of those coming from FUT.

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FIFA 20 has been out for a few weeks now, topping the UK physical charts, and now EA has revealed that over 10 million players have gotten involved with the game.

On top of that, those who get the game by October 17 will also get 8,000 Volta Coins to customise their avatar in the new Volta street football game mode.

450 million matches have already been played, with 1.2 billion goals scored across all modes, and 272 million of those matches were in Ultimate Team. 138 million matches were in Division Rivals, and as for Volta, over five million avatars have already been created, with the top five locations being Berlin, Rome, Lagos, London, and Cape Town.

This week EA shared details on FIFA 20's First Owner Objectives too, so you have even more opportunities to earn rewards in the game.

Have you been sinking time into FIFA 20?


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