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1 out of 3 players have left Pokémon Go

15 million daily users have left in the past month as the Pokécraze subsides.

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Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company hit a nerve when they released Pokémon Go back in July, and the game was downloaded more that 100 million times within the first month. As we all know the amount of downloads of a free app is not necessarily the same as daily active users, and the peak of the latter was on July 21 with 45 million people catching Pokémons on a daily basis.

According to new numbers from Axiom Capital Management presented by Bloomberg, the daily users have dropped from 45 million to 30 million in one month (the chart below ends on August 18, so the number is probably even lower today). It may be a case of players stopping altogether or just relaxing into a more casual bi-daily habit.

Niantic Labs are currently working on updates for the game, such as the possibility to view attack and defence points like we reported on yesterday. They are also aiming to release the game in a total of 100 territories, which would be three times as many as today. Certainly, launching in China would do wonders for the daily active user numbers.

Pokémon Go

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